Why Take Our Summer Intensive?

We have now been offering our summer intensive for 18 years. It has proven to be a huge learning curve in the training and education of a dancer. I started it to really give dancers a boost in their dancing skills. I wanted to offer it especially to those who wanted a leap in their understanding of their bodies, the physical mechanics of what is needed to understand technique and the support of dance through core and cross training.
Here at Cuizon Ballet Centre, our six week intensive includes Pilates mat work, physical therapy exercises to strengthen muscles which help prevent injuries, floor barre based in Zena Rommett’s work, light weight training in addition to ballet technique, pointe technique, variation class and contemporary/ modern dance.
I believe in helping my students become very familiar with their own technique and their bodies so that when they do finally choose to go away to a dance intensive, they will not only be one of the kids noticed but, will also be able to take in new information. I have seen this tact work over and over through the years no matter which summer intensive they choose to attend.
Many families today just can’t afford to send their child to a summer intensive far from their home nor do they necessarily want their child away from their home. I know going away to a summer intensive has its benefits- independence, a chance to be with new dancers who share your same passion, a change of scenery, new teachers, all of which are noteworthy. But, I also happen to believe that sending your child away too young has many drawbacks. Children actually need the support of their parents (Though they often don’t want to admit that.), other kids can be mean- spirited without adult supervision which can be undermining to their confidence, the new teachers are unfamiliar with your child and with only 5 weeks with them, I’m not sure that the learning curve can be that great. By offering a first class summer intensive that can keep my dancers on par with those attending stay-away programs, one can have the best of both worlds.