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Cuizon Ballet Centre is a pre-professional Balanchine technique school dedicated to giving our students the finest dance training. We offer classes for ages 4 and up.

Summer Intensive 2024

Summer Foundational Ballet

Ages 7 and up

Monday & Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm

July 1st through July 31st

Summer Intro to Ballet

Ages 4 – 6

Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm

July 2nd through July 30th

“What it really means to be a Cuizon dancer:

Culture – Maintaining a healthy, happy culture is a top priority at Cuizon with a strict zero tolerance rule for any and all bullying, rudeness, or other ill-natured behavior. This is a guaranteed safe space for all students!

Understanding – The muscle+mind connection is an often over-looked power house in the world of dance. Each student’s understanding of this foundational element unlocks the key to noticeable growth.

Injury Prevention – At Cuizon’s, the health and safety of our students is of paramount concern and is protected at all costs. Under the expert guidance of Lisa, our standards for injury prevention are second to none. 

Zena Rommett inspired Floor Barre – Exclusive access to one of the dance world’s best kept secrets! Read more about it here https://cuizonballetcentre.com/class-schedule/

One-Room-School House – Cuizon offers more than just ballet. Alongside learning advanced Pilates, Floor Barre, Ballet, and music, students will also learn the very valuable and priceless lessons of teamwork and mentorship, fostering self discipline, and boosting self esteem! 

Next-Level Knowledge – Ballet vocabulary, rhythm, and Ballanchine’s original methods are taught to every student from the very beginning. Through moving meditation, a keen emotional intelligence is also gained throughout Lisa’s exceptional teachings. “

School Year Schedule: September 5th, 2023 – June 15th, 2024

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“So many discoveries… every time… in every way. I just love it!”
-Kristen F. after her lesson.

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Lisa Cuizon

Meet Our Teachers

Lisa has been teaching for over 40 years and opened her own studio in 2001.  It was her dream to offer training at a professional level since she had seen her own dream of being a dancer come true. She chooses her staff carefully, making sure that each teacher has had a career of their own and therefore, knows what it truly takes to choose the life of a dancer.

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