Studio Policies

Tuition is by AutoPay. Please complete an AutoPay Authorization Form obtainable in the office
to have your Credit Card or Debit card billed on the 1st of each month. (Master Card, Visa,
Discover, American Express)
• All registration forms must be completed before attending any classes. • New students (under 18) can take one class for $22. After this initial first class, $25 Registration and monthly tuition must be paid; Auto pay is required.
• $25 registration fee is due upon enrollment. An annual $25 registration fee is due at the start of our School Year Schedule. • $25 fee for insufficient funds.
• Our School Year tuition is a commitment from September through mid June, and is based on the average 4-week month. Some months in the year have 5 weeks and some have less due to holidays and studio closures. FULL TUITION IS CHARGED DURING THIS TIME. No credit, prorating, or refunds will be given for holidays or studio closures. • CUIZON BALLET CENTRE MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING, OR BY EMAIL ( OF REDUCTION OF CLASSES 30
• Our Summer Schedule for Level 2/Foundational Ballet is based on our six week, two classes per week tuition schedule. Tuition is to be paid in full when classes begin. • Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
• Please notify Cuizon Ballet Centre when you desire to increase the number of classes, so changes can be made with auto pay. • Our School Year Schedule runs from September to June. (Summer Schedule may begin in the end of June depending on calendar.)
• Summer Intensive can be paid in full or split into 3 equal payments due June 1st, July 1st and August 1st. A $25 registration fee will be added to the first installment. NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. • Students and parents will be required to sign a performance commitment form if they would like to participate in Cuizon Ballet Centre’s spring performance. Students must be signed up for, and pay tuition for all classes taken during performance rehearsal time.
• There is a 24 hour cancellation required for all privates which have been scheduled. If the private is not honored, the full amount of the private will be charged. Adult Students can pay $22/class or purchase an adult card of 10 classes for $190. The
card lasts for one year. NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
• Cuizon Ballet Centre is an approved Vendor for Golden Valley, Sage Oak, and Inspire Charter Schools. • Parents of charter school students ADD $15 TO TUITION PER STUDENT for processing. Also, if the Charter School is not paying the full amount each month, set up of auto pay for the remainder is required.
• If Charter School fails to pay students tuition, parents of students are responsible to pay in full. • Makeup classes must be used within the tuition month or they will be forfeited.
Cuizon Ballet Centre will not adjust monthly tuition payments to allow for makeup
classes. Students must be currently enrolled to attend makeup classes. Dancers
must be enrolled in the same amount of classes in the month missed in order to
make-up the classes. Dancers cannot drop classes and use make-ups to take the
dropped classes.
Due to the nature of physical activities, there are risks. Cuizon Ballet Centre teachers and staff are not liable for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to, personal property. STUDENT GUIDELINES · All ballet dancers must have their hair pulled back neatly in a bun.
· Proper ballet attire is required: Girls: pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes, pink tights and proper leotard color. Boys: black leggings, white t-shirt, black or white shoes. · No chewing gum permitted in the studio.
· No unruly behavior permitted in the studio. · All students must treat fellow dancers with respect.
If behavior is otherwise by the student or parents, the student will be dismissed.
· Consistent attendance is required. · No talking on cellphones inside of the studio.
· We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. · Students attending Cuizon Ballet Centre are not permitted to take ballet at other studios. Doing so, is grounds for dismissal.
· Summer Intensives are open to all students that meet the level requirements.
Cuizon Ballet Centre holds the highest standards of training. We take great care in your
children, their progress and their wellbeing as dancers and human beings. The discipline of
ballet can improve students lives in many ways. Cuizon Ballet Centre is designed to train
students to the highest level. Open communication is necessary to design a plan on how students
would like to use this training. To be a professional dancer, to dance at a high level and attend
university, or because you want to dance and would like the best training possible. The care of
proper training is the same for all dancers, but the intensity varies based on the students desires.

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