Cuizon Ballet Centre has greatly changed my life from the moment I walked in. I have been training with Lisa for almost four years now and cannot put into words how much she has done for me. I have been doing ballet since I was two years old and have been to just about every studio in LA. It wasn’t until I found Cuizon that I was truly able to take my ballet training to the next level. Before Cuizon, I had received little attention at other schools and always felt like a little fish in a big sea. I struggled with confidence in my dancing as I felt I wasn’t really improving without any personalized attention. I still remember walking into Cuizon for the first time and being absolutely blown away with the way the girls could dance. It was obvious that every girl in the room had been trained in such a personalized, effective, and professional manner. I remember dreaming that one day I could dance the way they could and thinking this dream would never become a reality. Four years later, I could not be happier with the way my dancing has evolved and flourished. Cuizon Ballet Centre does not just provide incomparable ballet training but teaches life lessons, including the importance of persistence, determination, and willpower. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for this studio and Lisa’s incredible training, I would not be the person or the dancer I am today.

Hudson Serletic

Billi Marder

When I walked into Cuizon Ballet Centre, my life was forever changed. I had my first private with Lisa and I remember walking out thinking that I had never learned so much in just a short hour. From that point on, Lisa has invested her energy, her love, and her time into my life and my dance career, and I could not be more grateful to have a mentor like her. Lisa has not only guided me as a dance teacher, but she has taught me so many life lessons that I will forever cherish. Lisa completely altered my view of dance. She made me realize what a special art form dance is and how it matters what you as an artist are bringing to the table, not just as a dancer. I owe so much of who I am to her: the way I work, the way I dance, and the way I love this art form so much. Cuizon Ballet Centre is a special place and Lisa will always remain very close to my heart.

Billi Marder
Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

I am forever grateful for my training at Cuizon Ballet Centre.  I trained with Lisa for over 10 years, from when I was 6 years old until I graduated high school and went to college.  Ballet is still an enormous part of my identity, and to this day, whenever and wherever I take a ballet class, the precision and clarity of my footwork, and my ability to move FAST, allow me to stand out.  My excellent Balanchine training is clear.  My exceptional training afforded me the opportunity, in high school, to attend summer programs at some of the most prestigious ballet companies in the country.  I will remember forever those amazing, challenging, rewarding, formative experiences! Aside from a lifelong love of dance and excellent technique, I bring the discipline, poise, confidence, resilience, and grace that I learned in the studio into every situation I encounter.  I hope that many more students in years to come will be as fortunate as I have been to enjoy the lifelong artistic, personal, and professional rewards of training at Cuizon Ballet Centre.

Katrina Wisdom


The effect of studying ballet at Cuizon Ballet Centre is hard to put into words, but I’ll give it a shot. In short, studying with you made me who I am today. Ballet was a foundational experience, but so was having you as a teacher and mentor and third parent. It wasn’t just that it gave me the discipline, structure, and work ethic that I needed then and that I still use today, but it gave me skills that have helped me in every domain of life, even long after leaving the studio. 

Tristen Inagaki
Professor of Psychology
University of Pittsburgh

I have known for almost my whole life that dance was important to me, but having a place of high standards to study the art and discipline of dance so close to where I grew up was truly fortuitous.  I am lucky to have the physical, emotional, and intellectual intelligence that comes with rigorous dance training.  Not only can I walk into almost any dance class and stand on my own, but I can also face life’s other challenges with the same confidence and skills.  I have searched, but I can’t find anything else that fulfills me quite like a good dance class.

Cuizon Ballet Centre was a place where I forgot the stresses of being a teenager (and remembered the stress of POINTING MY FEET!)  That was a very happy time in my life.  Every day I got to work hard doing what I love, and I went home dripping in sweat and contentment. 

I also had experiences teaching and choreographing at Cuizon Ballet Centre, and I made some great friends, not the least, was you, Lisa.  You have been a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend to me.  You have done a super job providing high quality classes, teachers, and experiences for your students.  Scott, and I’m sure your whole family, have also done a great job supporting you and making Cuizon Ballet Centre what it is today, an unbelievable resource for many young people to enrich their lives like I have.  Every community should have a Cuizon Ballet Centre.

I am so proud to have been there at the beginning to help set up the studio.  I still remember walking in there for the first time and seeing the sun piercing through the blinds on those large windows.

It wasn’t only because I was tired or sore or a very responsible stretcher, but I was usually the last one to leave after class because Cuizon Ballet Centre felt like home.  I get a bit of the same feeling anytime I enter a dance studio.  I had a home away from home growing up, and it will follow me for the rest of my life.

Erin Kohout
Dancer, Choreographer, Physical Therapist

I first started with Cuizon Ballet Centre when I was 11 years old. Before then, I wasn’t fond of ballet, in fact, it was my least favorite form of dance. One summer day, I attended Lisa’s Summer Intensive. At first, I was shocked. I hadn’t seen so much structure in a ballet classroom before. Every girl there was hard working and talented. After the first day, I craved more. I was always eager to get into the studio. I could tell that I would be able to improve there quickly, and all the girls were very friendly and inviting. A few days later, I walked up to Lisa and said “yes.” And she asked what I meant and I said “yes, I want to be a ballet dancer.” And she told me it would take a lot of hard work, but that I could do it. Ever since then, I have been pursuing my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

I was homeschooled, and attended almost every class that Cuizon had to offer. One week after my 12th birthday, I was ready to go en pointe. Lisa worked very carefully and specifically to my body. If I had gone somewhere else, I would not have gotten that kind of attention. Lisa gives everyone corrections that are specific to what they need, and one can not find that anywhere else. I learned the disciplines of Balanchine technique. It involves fast footwork, attention to detail, and expressive pors de bras.

Through Cuizon, I was able to attend prestigious ballet summer intensives, such as Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Exploring Ballet with Suzanne Farrell, and Ballet Austin. Every step of the way at Cuizon is fulfilling and rewarding. Though these summer intensives are beneficial, and I learned a lot from them, Cuizon Ballet Centre’s Summer Intensive is where a dancer can improve the most. For boys and girls who want to be professional dancers, this is the place for you. There are many dancers who grew through Cuizon. I am now studying at Colorado Ballet with their Pre-Professional Division. I am doing very well in Colorado, getting very close to becoming a professional and getting offered many performing opportunities. I would not be where I am if I hadn’t become a part of Cuizon.

I had studied at Cuizon for 7 years. I am so grateful for all the support and love all the teachers had to offer. Lisa and I have become very close, and I am so glad to have her in my life, to help guide me through my professional career as a ballet dancer. She is full of wisdom and experience, and is always willing to share it.

Cuizon Ballet Centre is one of the best ballet studios in Southern California. The unique class format (start with Pilates, then moving into the class) is efficient and prevents injury. I highly recommend Cuizon Ballet Centre to anyone looking to improve quickly and achieve their dream of becoming a dancer.

Reagan Kilpatrick

When I first started with Lisa I did it to become a better ballroom dancer. My coach said that in order to keep up with the competition I needed strong ballet training. I found Cuizon Ballet Centre and Lisa. I had no idea how dedicating my time to her capable hands would change the shape of my future.  

I continued to compete in ballroom as I took classes with Lisa, and I placed very well. I found that my love for dance shifted and became focused under her direction. I experienced great improvement in a short time. I went from relatively nothing to something because of her.   I already loved to dance, but I began to breathe it. This led to my confident decision to move to Manhattan and study ballet as a 6’2″ pre-professional dancer. I moved June 2017 and was accepted to a pre-professional program as well as obtained an invitation to study with Lisa’s mentor Wilhelm Burmann a Balanchine master. I couldn’t have come this far without Cuizon Ballet, Lisa and my family. I’m looking forward to many good things to come and sincerely recommend Cuizon Ballet for all levels of dancers.

Lisa shares life lessons that span past the dancing. I use the things she taught me every day and I feel very grateful to Lisa for her direction, dedication, and determination to see me succeed. 

Micheal Bushman

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