About us

Cuizon Ballet Centre was founded in 2001 as a pre-professional ballet studio offering only the finest in ballet training based in Balanchine technique.  Our studio is unique in that it not only provides a strong ballet vocabulary and technique but, the students at the intermediate/ advanced levels understand the importance of working together in the same room in a constructive, focused manner. 

Because Lisa Cuizon is their primary teacher she knows each and every student, instructing them not only as a whole with a streamlined method of understanding and instruction but, also individually corrects them knowing their individual needs to reach their goal of becoming not only the finest dancer they can be, but, in the process, learning to understand themselves as not only dancers but, the whole person.  She also emphasizes their own accountability in the process of training as a dancer for, she can tell them exactly what is necessary to improve but, in the end, it is they who need to do the work. 

The advantage of also being in one studio training under Lisa is that they can look to one another to rise as dancers.  The younger dancers of course, not only have the more advanced dancers right there in the room with them to admire, the separation is eliminated so they are not intimidated by older, more advanced dancers.  The older, more advanced dancers understand their roles as well;  they act as mentors in their own ways, setting examples of work ethic and execution of the exercises.

In addition to the intermediate/ advanced level which is offered every day, Lisa also has a Foundational ballet class.  She chose to name it this instead of beginning ballet because she often meets students who arrived with a weak foundation even at an older age.  By filling in the understanding at an organic level, a much stronger foundation is set into motion to begin the building blocks of becoming a truly excellent dancer who is strong not only physically and technically but, also the artistry can then begin to bloom into something quite extraordinary.

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